23 December 2015

Super Sunday: February 7th

The building debt is currently just below $78,000. January 2016 will be 10 years since the sanctuary was dedicated. A special called business meeting will be held on Wednesday, January 6th in which the Stewardship committee will present the possibility of a church wide audit, as well as transferring $35,000 from the Capital Savings Account to the debt principal.

What does this mean? Here is the breakdown of our goal, taking into consideration the approval of the transfer:

 $78,000 current debt total
-$35,000 transfer
 $43,000 remaining

The remaining amount would be the congregational goal. The Stewardship committee and Pastor Doug have designated February 7th as ‘Super Sunday’ and would like to challenge the congregation to give sacrificially toward this end between the last Sunday of December and Sunday, February 7th.  Please pray about your part in reaching this goal and give as the Lord leads you.